Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bruzzi Family Reunion 2016

Mom and I sitting at the airport in Phoenix waiting to fly to Rhode Island.
Mom and Joe
Mom sitting in front of the family house.
My Mom, Mary Bruzzi Hogge and I took a trip to Rhode Island to visit her brother Joe and family.  Joe is her last surviving sibling and is 92 years old.  She is 88 years old.  The flight was long and a bit hard on her, but the trip was so worth it.  She had not seen Joe in over 11 years, which was the last time we were in Rhode Island. (Joe and Mary are the children of Francisco and Caroline Bruzzi.)

Even though her other siblings are gone, we were able to visit with their children and grandchildren.  We saw Gus' daughters, Barbara, Sharon and Patricia; Katy's son, Richard; Mickey's children, Janet, David and Robert; and all of Joe's children, Joe, Steven, Don, Lori and Linda. (We saw her sister Rose's son, Greg, a week earlier in Arizona.)  Even Mom's Bruzzi cousins, Domenico and Concetta, were represented by their family; Frank's daughters (Valerie and Marilee) and Anthony's sons (Doug and Scott).

We had a wonderful time.  I was so glad to be able to bring Mom home one last time.

I made a video of some of the many pictures I took.

Not only did we have a family reunion party, but a surprise 58th birthday party for me.  Thanks everyone!

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